Mister Miracle – Tom King and Mitch Gerads

Full Spoilers for the first six issues of Mister Miracle

Synopsis: Scott Free, born on New Genesis, raised on Apokolips is now on Earth.  He has his house, his career as super escape artist, Mister Miracle, and is married to the love of his life, Big Barda. He has conquered every challenge ever to come his way but it is not enough and he has decided to perform his greatest trick …to conquer death.

Mr Miracle has just wrapped up its first 6 issue arc and it is certainly a game changer, as it seem all Tom King books are at the minute. Without the constraint of mainstream continuity, King and Gerads have managed to tell a story that surely will be a “must read” for years to come. The New Gods, perhaps Kirby’s most fantastical creation, has been brought down to human level. At the heart of this comic it’s about the emotions felt by each and every character.

I believe what makes this comic very special is the clear thought that has gone into telling this story, from King in a story point of view and how Gerads has channelled his inner Kirby to update the New Gods, while at the same time not ignoring what came before and the legacy that Kirby left


For example, when Issue Two was released Gerads tweeted that you should listen to Led Zeppelin’s’ Immigrant song while reading the first six pages.  Do it, it really works!  Coupled with psychedelic war images you also are given an insight into how potentially broken Scott Free is by what he has done and what he has endured.

Consistently throughout the first six issues has been the message of “Darkseid is” a threat weaved through the narrative of this story.


The misconception of Darkseid though is that he is “just a fighter” but he doesn’t need to fight that’s what his generals are for – to command his armies of parademons.  In his hands the anti-life equation just reinforces this.  Perhaps this is why at the end of issue six we see Scott Free, after making his way to Orion’s chambers with Barda,Scott goes in alone to discover him dead. It is at this moment our first glimpse of Darkseid is revealed through the whole series. It seems that this is now what pushes Scott over the edge again makes him realise the danger that Darkseid truly poses.



With six issues down and six issues to go, we leave Scott losing the last remaining remnants of his sanity, and with many questions still left to answer what will become of Scott and Barda? Will they get their happy ending?  However, being a Tom King book I very much doubt it. We just have to look at how his run on the Vision ended to have a pretty good idea of the truth.