The Mighty Thor – Jason Aaron & Russell Dauterman

Full Spoilers

With the Mighty Thor, we are on the cusp of perhaps the death of one of Marvel’s greatest modern age character. 705, is the one issue that will answer the question of the death of the Mighty Thor arc. As with all things in comics, the status quo must be put back in place with some saying that Odinson has spent too long as the Unworthy Thor. However, others, myself included, argue this has brought about a needed change in the Marvel Universe. It is truly one of the great success stories demonstrating how a legacy character can work.

Jane Foster may not be a traditional legacy character in the same way as Robin, for example, but there is no doubt she has taken up the mantle and made the character her own. This has not occurred overnight and it can be seen in how much work has been put into this book by Jason Aaron and Russel Dauterman.

Aaron and Dauterman have managed to create something truly special, which will become required reading in the years to come. For me, what makes this run so special is that Aaron has never shied away from anything within this story, for example, Volstagg being forced to watch innocents burned in front of him, making it hardly surprising he gets attracted to the Ultimate’s hammer and becomes the War Thor. However, what is most prevalent is Jane Foster’s continued internal struggle as suffering from cancer she endures bout after bout of chemotherapy, and at times will instantly rid it of her body by wielding Mjolnir. The result is a modern Shakespearean tragedy, Mjolnir will get rid of the poison that could be saving her life but will leave the cancer as the hammer sees it as a part of her.Unknown

The Mighty Thor is one of Marvel’s best ongoing series, each issue building upon the last. It manages to work on many different levels from an artistic standpoint to the reference and respect to all that’s come before, an example being the issue regarding the secret origin of Mjolnir, built upon its predecessor’s works. As in all comics, there is a status quo that events must return to, there are times though that some things are cherry-picked to remain as part of the canon and I do hope this origin of Mjolnir is one of those times. It is one of the issues that I don’t want to spoil but I recommend that everyone reads issue 12 from the Mighty Thor Vol 2.

Looking at the artistic talent behind this book, Russell Dauterman appears to do everything right, the artwork is excellent. It is very much a modern day Kirby which also manages to hark back to classical Kirby designs of Asgard, whilst at the same time reinvents much of what we loved making us love it all over again.the_mighty_thor__1_cover_by_rdauterman-d94ttu5.jpg

In each issue Aaron and Dauterman have been sowing the seeds for what it seems will be the pinnacle of their run. The Mangog, perhaps the Asgardians greatest foe, is coming for Asgardia having destroyed the Ultimates hammer and almost killing Volstagg on its way. It seems that only Jane Foster can save Asgardia and its people from the judgment of the Gods from the Mangog, but will save them cost the ultimate price?